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Goals & Objectives

Over the past four years I've really tried to kick my life into high gear, but it took until last year to really start then this year to get somewhere. I've had many ideas of how to use my talents to make a career out of, some of them easier said than done yet I felt I had to try all of them. I've started streaming, I made physical shop items, digital shop items, tried writing and much more; in the end finding a choice and a true objective.

Long explanation short-

I'll be cutting down on streaming into instead a more fun hobby, a way to spend time with others who do gaming while streaming that are my friends as well social interaction. If I grow, awesome, but if not then that's fine. I still plan to have a cool fun set up and find cool follower events for people to join coming next year. It's about my only option to meet new people and hangout with others with lack of places where I live, aside restaurants and fast food.

Digital Assets have shown success so far, so it'll be my main priority along with commissions being secondary as a side income once in a while. Streaming was taking up more energy and time, especially with what I was told needed to happen to be successful; which would have taken more time away from shop. My main goal all around is balancing my life: health, relationships, rest, career, hobbies and so on; which taking this year I'm preparing for next year.

My Physical Shop I plan to be a slow objective, meaning I build it over time when I can along with convention tables. There isn't much I can do if nothing is selling for it, with what I can learn I'll be trying to find some way to build to my small shop goal. It's still my favorite thing to do sending out packages and letters with a small business, so it'll come right after the Digital Shop.

I still have my writing and comic goal, though with lack of head space to focus on writing where I am makes it very hard. It's a hobby for now, something to work on when I can with a goal to at least make one book. Well, finish one story. Which one I finish heavily depends which I can flush out better with the lore and world. If it becomes a comic then I hope to find a way to host it here or on my Ko-fi, not trusting webcomic websites right now with my creation and using it.

Talking about books my main side goal are coloring books. With writing not being the easiest to focus and physical shop taking time, my plan is to do a kickstarter with some kind of coloring book. Having tiers for prints, stickers and some other unlocks! It's still being researched and under the works, but I am planning for my first book the coming next year!

Goals &Objectives Summery

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