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Inktober-thon on Twitch Channel! (18+)

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I never normally finish an Inktober or even get to the third drawing, so I thought to make it into a little event using commissions. If you're looking for some Halloween spooky art, trade me your currency (through Ko-fi) for either commission listed on the flyer; which will add up to triggering a sweet treat- A RAFFLE for all followers on my Twitch (18+). These don't stack like normal Donothons or Subathons, you'll pay for which you'd like to have done.



Each day of this event (Tuesday-Thursday 5-6pm EST) will be a different prompt just like Inktober! First day may be a witch theme prompt, then the next werewolves or whatever fits the Halloween theme! Sketches commissioned will be drawn based on those prompts. Followers will be allowed to suggest prompts for upcoming streams.


Receiving Your Commission

You'll need to give me privately your email or social that I can send the art to you. I will not be using Discord however. When you get the art, it follows the same T.O.S. and common sense guidelines. Feel free to use it as an icon or background, but nothing commercial use, claim as your own in anyway or use for AI.



$5 - Chibi Style - Flat color


$15 - Base Style - No color; Bust to Thigh up


$25 - Base Style - Flat Color; Bust to Thigh up


$50- Base Style - Shaded full color; Bust to Thigh up

*Full color chibi is not offered due to how long shading takes, so it is limited as one optional commission for base style with the price.

*Must pay via Ko-fi for the commissions



Goal: $100 per raffle trigger


Special Goal: $600 for full play through of a horror game on Halloween Night in total darkness!


Prizes: Fully Shaded Full Body or Ten Custom Chibi Stickers


There will be on winner per raffle cycle! The winner can choose between either prize, which will be worked on between normal commissions outside of the event stream. Stickers will be outsourced via to StickerMule, but they will be shipped to me then over to you with a 'Thank You' letter. This means I will require your address, but you're welcome to ask for a digital, shaded chibi art instead.

*Old, Present and New Followers will be in the pool for the raffle! Must not be a bot or spam account, will send via Twitch DM if you win if not online.


| Notice | I may end the event early if I am unable to keep up with it. I am testing this out for the first one-two weeks due to how much I need to do within the month of October. Though I will do my best to keep up with it until the end of the month!

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