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Revival of Old!

My own website space was one of the biggest goals to finish entirely. The multi times I've tried was when I had this domain made at a younger age. I don't entirely remember what age, but it went through many designs and revisions, forgotten about for a while, then left along for a few year and now to today! Finalizing my goals and what I do with my art career gave me clarity for this site, what I wanted to showcase, how much and where via the tabs. So far as of writing this, being generally happy with.

There are some things I'll likely change or add or remove as I go along. Ideas like subscription emails for updates, selling directly on the site and much more. I already sale in two different locations, so I kept it a catalog for my main items and not my streaming ones. Having debated subscriptions emails for a bit, for now I don't exactly have the time to keep up with so it's a hidden tab. There is the commission tab, which I hope to have fully ready by the end of the month, more or less. Seeing as I have SuperStar Comiccon to prep for before it's last minute again.

Come back for collab updates, conventions reviews and other cool stuff!



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