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Trying to update this website has been a bit of a challenge. A number of features either glitch or do not function the way it should, not to mention trying to go to the new blog format isn't actually downloading or working properly. I may or may not consider learning coding myself to make my own website, though it will make it take much longer to get this site ready as I'd have to find lessons and a domain to host it.

As of right now, the website is what it is to what I am able to do editing wise. Here are a few status updates for a few things I am looking into or unable to do right now:

-Comics: Trying to find a place to host my comics, this website not having any webcomic features to host such thing and right now considering my options.

-Social Media: I am trying to consider where I could have my common social media for easy find updates about anything I do, though so far Instagram seems the best choice of action comparing to the others. Tumblr being toxic though no match for Twitter which seems much more of a mess.

-Convention Photos: I have no found a place to host the albums of these photos for a good while, may have a google drive full of files for everybody, otherwise on hold.

-Commission: These are with on hold until I can find someway to make it work and as of well right now I am trying to figure out a better schedule around my current life.

This is about it, I do hope you have a wonderful and lovely day. -A.L.

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