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Progress on Everything

Things have been busy through out last year and the beginning of this year. As always. The main thing is that I am almost done with editing the website until I have a comic to post on here. Though design changes may be done as seen fit, since I been trying to create a proper welcome sign for those who visit!

Commissions are still in planning, but so far I am thinking to have a slot system in place for it as not to overwork myself. This will work pretty simple:

There will be five slots for five commissions I accept. I will not accept any other commissions until all five are completed, but there might be a second line up of five slots where a person can claim a slot ahead of time. This is in debate, but more over there will be a limited amount of commissions I'll accept.

My YouTube channel will hopefully have more content on it soon. Every time I try to record myself drawing something gets in the way. This won't be the main focus, but rather something for fun. As well I hope to make other videos:

- Lyric Videos

--FanMade Kind

-Convention videos

--Put together footage from the con


--Either Drawing or playing a game

-Random Gameplay




--And More

And anything else I feel like might be fun to do. Again, not the main focus and for fun, because I like making videos.

Social media is something I love attending to, so I plan to try and be more active on my Tumblr and FaceBook if enough people still use it for such things as liking/following fanpages, plus Instagram because pictures. If anybody has another social media suggestion I should check out let me know.

This is about it, but follow my Tumblr for quicker on the go updates from my phone, plus doodles I do on tablet or paper. Thanks for reading this update and have a pawesome day! :3 Mew Mew!

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