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Commission Time!

So you're ready to commission me, great! Fill this out and send it to me so I know what you'd like to have drawn by me.


NOTE: Please be sure to be able to keep in contact, because I will be asking you questions and showing you updates of the artwork. The longer it takes for you to reply, the longer it takes for the commission to be finished. If I do not feel comfortable with a commission, I have the right to decline.

Commission Fill Out

Subject should be named: "I would like a Commission!"

Description of What You Want

Number of Characters:

Camera View: (Type here if you want: Full Body, Waist up, or Bust up)

Color Type: (Type here if you want: Full Color, Flat Color, or No Color.)

BackGround: ( Type here if you want: No B.C., One Color, Pattern, Simple Detailed, or Very Detailed.)

-Description for Background

Style Choice: (Type here if you want: Chibi Style or My Style )

Pose Type: (Describe or show me what poses you'd like for the character(s))

Objects or Props: (Describe or show me what you want the character(s) holding, or placed around them, and how.)

LAST THING BEFORE YOU FILL IT OUT: Because you can not send refs over this type of contact, I will ask for any refs you may have when looking into your commission. For now please give detail of what you'd like so I have an idea of it. Also remember I have limited slots, so if I already hit my limit I won't be able to accept your commission, AS WELL detail can make the price fluctuate.

Success! Message sent.

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